Is eHarmony The Secret To A Happy Marriage?

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Is eHarmony the secret to a happy marriage?

eHarmony certainly thinks so.

We've been hearing a lot lately about the 'landmark' new study that says marriages that begin online are longer and more fulfilling than marriages that begin offline. We've also heard plenty about the source of the study's funding: eHarmony.

And here's another crazy coincidence: the eHarmony-funded study also found that eHarmony is the best online dating site for long-term relationships. How unexpected!

Ok, all joking aside, eHarmony swears it wasn't involved in any of the data analysis and all the findings are completely objective. A study is a study, and the scientific side of my brain can't resist the urge to take a look at the research (biased though it may be). So let's dive in...

Where are couples meeting these days?

  • 16% use online dating.
  • 14% work together.
  • 12% meet through friends.
  • Others meet through social networking sites, school, and social gatherings (7% each).

Where else do people meet?

  • Offline, couples meet in bars or clubs, through family members, at places of worship, and on blind dates.
  • Online, couples meet in chat rooms, through other online communities, by instant messaging, and while playing multiplayer online games.

Where should you meet if you're looking for a long-term relationship?

  • eHarmony, of course, ranks number one.
  • "All other dating" comes in second, followed by "All other online."
  • "All other" comes in last place.

Which dating site is responsible for the most happy marriages?

  • Surprise, surprise - eHarmony is #1 again with 25.04% of marriages.
  • is a close second with 24.34%.
  • An assortment of small sites are responsible for 24.64% of online marriages.
  • 13.09% are unspecified.
  • 7.21% come from Yahoo! Personals.
  • 5.71% start on Plenty of Fish.

On the flip side, what's the rate of break-up and divorce among recent marriages?

  • 7.70% of recently-ended relationships began offline.
  • 6.89% started on a dating site that isn't eHarmony.
  • 6.23% began elsewhere online.
  • And - naturally - only 3.86% of recent break-ups and divorces began on eHarmony.

Why do eHarmony couples have such a leg up on the competition? They say it's because:

  • We're in love.
  • We trust each other.
  • We are happy.
  • We are compatible.
  • We have chemistry.

And it totally has nothing to do with the fact that eHarmony paid for the study. At all. What could possibly have put a wacky idea like that into your head?

See the infographic here and to find out more about this service you can read our eHarmony review.