Health Problems should not Stop you from Finding Love Online
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CNN Health recently took a look at finding love online for singles that are disabled or have other health problems. Singles with health problems find that the larger generic dating sites do not necessarily cater to their relationship needs. Most profiles from these dating sites do not ask health related issues except to find out how often someone may exercise or the body type they may have. This means people with health problems cannot be up front and mention their condition on their profile unless it is within the essay questions. The problem with this is people who are searching for matches may not realize the person they plan on communicating with has health issues. This may not be considered a deal breaker by the person, but then again it might be, which can result in an awkward email message and results in time wasted by both members.

The solution to this problem is dating sites designed for people specifically with health problems. Searching on the internet today you can find dating sites for people with sexual transmitted diseases, disabilities and mental health conditions. Members on these dating services are open about their health problems because they want to meet someone who will accept them for who they are. These members also find it is sometimes better to partner with someone with similar health problems because they can better understand what they are going through.

With these new types of online dating sites, singles with health problems do not have to worry anymore about when they have to break it to the person they are dating about their condition. These niche dating sites make it easier by having members be upfront about their health conditions.

For the full story about health and online dating, head over to CNN. The only dating site at the moment we have a review for someone with health problems is This popular dating site is for singles with a sexual transmitted disease. Online dating sites for people who are disabled are becoming more popular and we plan to take a look at a few soon to give our recommendations on which one too join.