Conveyor Belt of Love

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The production company behind "Big Brother" created the new ABC TV dating show called "Conveyor Belt of Love" which aired last Monday night. The show gives 30 bachelors 60 seconds each to impress 5 women. Each guy is brought out on a conveyor belt, one at a time to "audition" for the women. The women can ask the man questions and the guy usually has a talent he uses to try to win the women over. Some examples of these talents from the show include joke telling, ballet and magicians. If the women like what they see they can hold up a sign telling the audience she is interested. At this point the guy goes to a platform where he waits and see if he is replaced.

The show is describe by the producers as a Speed Dating on TV and is based on a British Series. ABC currently only has plans for the one show but if ratings indicate that the public liked it, I am sure we will see some new episodes in the future. My take on this? it was entertaining for the first 5 minutes but after that I was just embarrassed for the contestants.

For more on the show, read Reuters.