CBS rejects Super Bowl Ad

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It looks like the gay dating site took a page from play book. Last year created an ad for the Super Bowl which was rejected by the TV Networks (see Story). They received a lot of free press because of it. This year it must be's turn. Here is the TV commercial in question:

Note: Unfortunately the source to the video and/or image which once was displayed here has since been removed by the authors for an unknown reason.

While I was in no way offended by the commercial and I did find it comical, the problem is the production values are just not up to the standards for a show like the Super Bowl. spokesman Dominic Friesen told the New York Post that CBS had said all the commercial spots for the Super Bowl were sold. Dominic Friesen felt this was not true and that there were being discriminated against.

My take on this, is that just wanted to create something that would be rejected by CBS so they could cry discrimination. I highly doubt a dating site that has a traffic rank average for 3 months of 652,033 on would have the funds to purchase commercial airtime during the Super Bowl. Since this story hit the news, traffic rank has jumped to just under 12,000 on For those of you who don't know how traffic rank works on, it refers to how this website compares in traffic to most other sites on the internet. Since currently has a traffic rank of around 12,000, this means that there are only 12,000 websites out on the internet with higher traffic. This is a huge boost in traffic for them. also needs to double check their website in multiple browsers. They can't even get their homepage to display properly on the most popular browser, Internet Explorer 8 (it is missing the button so you can search and "See Your Matches").

Update: I just realized due to this story that is related to Both of these sites appear to be owned by Avid Life Media (the owners of Ashley Madison no less). This means they probably do have the funds to pay for the commercials air time but, I still doubt that they ever intended to buy.

For the full story read USA Today.