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I have been reviewing again recently and found a few mail message features that I had missed. It looks like both of these features where added in the first half of 2010 (at least that was when the information was added to help).

VIP Email

A Very Interested Person or VIP Email message can be sent by a subscriber to indicate that they are particularly interested in the person who is receiving the message. What makes this email different is that a member can send only one a week. With a VIP Email, Email Read Notification is included for free (there usually is an upgrade charge for this). The message will also be bolded and highlighted green in the receivers email box so it is easier to identify. Plus, your profile will be highlighted on the receivers's Connections page for 30 days.

Remember VIP Emails can only be sent once a week. If you have sent one already you will have to wait until Monday night at midnight CST before you can send another one.

Filtered Mail

Add up to seven filters on messages in your inbox to have ones that do not meet your criteria moved to your filtered mail folder. These filters check the receiving emails members profile and then keeps only the messages in your main inbox that meets your criteria for an ideal match. All other mail is moved to the filtered mail folder.

You can filter members based on Age, Height, Location, Smoking, Children, Ethnicity and Religion. For each trait you can select either a range or multiple options.

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