Expels 5,000 People for Gaining Weight

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  • Friday, January 08 2010 @ 12:36 pm
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A big story recently has been about and when they expelled about 5,000 members for gaining weight over the holidays. According to the founder of the dating site, Robert Hintze, members were getting angry that, other members who are heavier after the holidays, were still on the dating site. They wanted the service to do something about it. responded by moving these members back to the rating stage where they must re-apply so their profile can be reviewed by existing members again. Of the 5,000 members expelled, only a couple hundred were voted back in. Of the members who were voted off the site, 1,520 were from the United States, 832 were from the United Kingdom and 533 were from Canada.

While not politically correct, BeautifulPeople say they are honest. When new members apply to the dating site, existing members of the opposite sex get to vote for the next 48 hours on, if the person gets accepted into the dating site. This way only the most beautiful people ever get to use the site. If someone doesn't get voted in initially, they can always resubmit at a later date with a better profile picture and updated profile text.

You can find out more about this story at The Daily News.