Ashley Madison can't get Commercial Aired During Super Bowl

Ashley Madison
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I heard on the radio today that in Canada, the television network CTV is not airing The Ashley Madison Agency commercial during the Super Bowl. The commercial has been approved by The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to contain no false advertising and meets with the standards set for a commercial airing in that time of day.

Known worldwide, Ashley Madison is a dating site which allows married people to find each other and hook-up. According to the web site they have over 3 million members. is based in Canada and has run several late night TV and radio commercials on such US networks as FOX. The owner also has appeared on CNN several times for interviews.

Here is the banned Super Bowl commercial with the tag line "When Divorce isn't an Option"

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There is nothing wrong with the commercial except for the fact of how the husband and wife are treating each other. Of course, there is also the message that it is ok to cheat on your husband or wife if they are treating you badly. The problem is, I don't see this commercial being much different than daytime soaps or TV shows like Desperate Housewives which one of their main reoccurring themes is people cheating on their spouses.