Your own Online Dating Sites Rating and Review.

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You are now able to add your own reviews and ratings to the sites we have reviewed on Dating Sites Reviews. We decided to add this feature to allow singles to voice their own opinions on a particular dating service since everyone has had their own experiences.

When you visit our review page for a dating service you will notice an average rating (displayed as stars and out of 5) located under the title of the review at the top of the page. This average is based on just user submitted rating and reviews for the particular dating site you are viewing. You will have two options presented to you by the average rating. You can either view each user submitted rating and review for the particular dating service or you can add your own.

A dating site rating and review is made up of:

  • Title - The title of your review. It is best to make this as descriptive as possible.
  • Author Name - If you have a user account setup that will be used, else you can enter a nickname for yourself
  • Location - Specify where you live. Don't put your exact location but your city, state/province and country will be fine. If you are uncomfortable listing your city please at least put the country you live in.
  • The Rating - This is out of 5 with 5 being the best possible rating.
  • Positive Points - List the top positive points of the dating service in your opinion.
  • Negative Points - List the top negative points of the dating service if there are any.
  • Bottom Line - List either the major point you are trying to make in your review (if you would recommend joining or not).
  • Review - Where you can write your experiences about the dating service.

When submitted all reviews are reviewed by us to ensure that the rating and review is informative and that no SPAM or profanity got through our automated filters. The rating and reviews are the property of the person who submitted them. Dating Sites Reviews is not responsible for what is said in them. It may take up to 7 business days for us to go over a submitted review (usually less). You can only submit one review for a particular dating service. If your review is rejected right away when you submitted it because of the SPAM filter please Contact Us and send us your review and information and we will manually add it to our site. Sometimes our SPAM filter is a little to aggressive but unfortunately it is needed in today's internet world.

When viewing the reviews you have the option of viewing them by date created. You can also specify if a particular review was helpful or not. If you would like to view the top rated sites based on users rating and reviews please check out our Top 10 Dating Services.