When Dating Reviews are Updated.

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Just a quick note based on some emails I have gotten from our users lately.

At the bottom of our dating site reviews is a date of the last time the page was updated. This date doesn't mean that all the information was reviewed about the dating site and confirmed. The update could have been a simple html fix.

We try and review all of our dating site reviews every 3 to 6 months in detail and fix any discrepancies that may arise through the online dating service updating their site. Small updates do happen all the time to the reviews. These are based on user input, emails from the dating sites regarding new features and, from my own visiting of the dating services.

I have started to include dates of important updates in brackets beside such things as, when the last current promotions for the dating site was checked and, as well as any price information on the online dating sites. This is to ensure that singles realize when visiting our site and the actual dating site that prices do change and we are not always notified about this. Dating on the internet is very competitive now days and the dating sites are always evolving to stay competitive and to meet the needs of their members.