Another 10 points you should Know about Online Dating

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The Times Online (UK version) published an article called 10 things to know about internet dating. It is like most other dating safety lists with tips about talking on the phone first before meeting in person and, as point 7 suggests, your first date should always be in daylight and take place around other people. The Times first point is about reading between the lines to see if your potential match is married or even separated. They cite a statistic from MSNBC which says:

one third of people using online dating services are married

While I have no doubts that married people use dating sites, I don't believe a third of all online daters are married. Free dating sites do tend to have more married people and scammers on them since there is no cost to entry. Plus a married man or woman is much less likely to use a paid dating site since they don't want to have to explain to their partner about the dating site charge on their credit card.

Point 8 of the article gives some stats on deception. They mention that Nielsen NetRatings estimates 33 percent (or a third) of people using online dating sites lie to some degree. This could be as simple as fudging the facts about your weight or body type. Of course if you take this point with the one about married people using dating sites then it would seem like anyone who fibs in their dating profile must be married ... which I highly doubt. I wish the article gave more information about the MSNBC estimate. Another related stat mentioned in point 8 was according to Research from Boston University, 20 percent of dating site members fudge the facts in their physical profile.

For the full article, check out Times Online UK.