7 Signs Online Dating Is Definitely Not For You

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Scared of Online Dating

Your friend is engaged to marry someone they met online. You catch coworkers secretly sending messages at the office. You see strangers swiping through profiles on public transportation. Your aunt is getting back into the dating game after a divorce by joining Match.com.

Online dating is officially everywhere, while it still has occasional detractors, most people seem to have accepted it as the best way to date in the 21st century. But is it the only way?

Some people have struggled to adapt to the new system, and the constant talk of “Tinder this” and “Bumble that” can make them feel totally disconnected from modern romance. The truth is, online dating isn’t right for everyone. If any of the following descriptions fit, you may be better off finding love the old fashioned way.

#1 You’re gullible.

Catfishing is, unfortunately, a real problem. Liars and scammers of all stripes use online dating to find victims. It’s essential that you know how to tell the crooks from the legitimate prospects if you’re going to date on apps and websites.

#2 You hate technology.

You’re the friend who doesn’t answer text messages for three days and never checks Facebook invites. You hate video games because you think people should spend more time in the “real world.” Clearly, tech-focused dating is not a good fit for you.

#3 You’re impatient.

Online dating takes a lot of getting it wrong before you get it right. For most people, finding someone special means needing to evaluate lots of other profiles first, sending lots of messages (many of which won’t get responses), and going on lots of dates that end in disappointment.

#4 You’re a scaredy cat.

Introverts have found much to love about online dating. The safety of the screen allows them to date without the anxiety they have face-to-face. However, at some point the screen must disappear. If you’re too petrified to meet someone in person, any potential relationships that start online will quickly fizzle out.

#5 You’re a hopeless romantic.

Those images you have of candlelit dinners and knights in shining armour? They rarely hold up online. Dating on apps and websites is effective, but sensible. Clinging to a fantasy about how you’ll fall in love will leave you seriously disheartened.

#6 You’re a stalker.

If you already have stalker-esque tendencies, online dating will magnify them. A potential date’s social media profiles are probably only a search away, and from there you could easily fall deep into the rabbit hole of digging up friends, employment info, addresses and phone numbers, and more things you have no business knowing until you’re told.

#7 You don’t have the right amount of time.

Too much time and too little time are both negatives when it comes to online dating. With too much to spare, you risk developing an unhealthy, unproductive obsession with searching for “the one.” With too little, you’ll never be able to devote enough time to your dating service to use it to its full potential.