Four Things You Can Do Today to Be a Better Date

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It's a new year and time for all sorts of resolutions - but what about your dating resolutions? Here's one that everyone can grab on to: this year, be a better date. Whether you're in a relationship or on the market (or hey - maybe you're not even looking and spending time with friends), we put together some ideas that might help you be better date for 2010 and beyond.

Start With a Smile - No matter how long your day has been or if the person you meet isn't what you expected, throw a smile up against the wall and see if it sticks. What's the worst that could happen? You start off on a good note and maybe you meet someone who gives you a laugh or teaches you something new.

Try Something New - Ever gone out with that person who has to have things their way or is the pickiest eater on the planet? You may not realize it, but you might be that way about some things! Let your date or friends introduce you to something new. See a chick flick. Watch an action movie. Try the veal. Take in a live football game. Whatever it takes, be game to try something new and stop being the fuddy duddy.

Offer to Drive - Gals like to be picked up. Guys are expected to pick you up. Why not change things up and if your date has had an especially crazy day, offer to do the driving for a change. You might get turned down, he might pick you up on it. But it's really nice to offer sometimes.

Give a Compliment - Maybe you're the type who always gives compliments. Maybe you're not. Try saying something delightfully unexpected to a friend or date - and mean it. There's always a smile that comes along with a compliment - and if you're not good at accepting compliments, why not practice saying, "Thank you," instead of thinking you don't deserve it.