2020 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Up & Coming

  • Wednesday, January 22 2020 @ 10:11 am
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2020 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Up & Coming
Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating is the recipient of the 2020 Editor's Top Pick - Up & Coming award. It's a bit weird giving Facebook this award which is meant more for newer dating services. Facebook is over 15 years old now, but they have not had an online dating service (owned directly by Facebook) available to the masses until surprisingly last year. It is called Facebook Dating and is only available from the Facebook app (for iOs and Android). Thanks to Facebook being one of the largest services online and with billions of users it quickly took off (even despite the recent privacy breaches Facebook has had).

Facebook Dating is currently completely free to use and there is no up charge for any of the features. This makes it a very even playing field for everyone. When you enter Facebook Dating you are required to create a separate profile just for dating that no one else will see except for those Facebook matches you with (Facebook does not match you with friends or friends of friends unless you opt in). All matching features are accessed through the Dating home screen. Your suggested matches appear as a large match card in the center of the screen which you can like or pass on by tapping on the appropriate icon. You can view the matches full profile and send them a message if you wish at this point as well. For more possible matches you can opt in to see suggested matches from Facebook Events and Groups you belong too. You cannot search on Facebook for people interested in dating, you only have access to people Facebook deems would be a good match with you.

Being Facebook with years of UI and development experience, this first generation of the Dating component is well designed and for the most part has given the majority of the users a positive online dating experience. We expect to see some tweaks here and there and new features added throughout 2020 as Facebook continues to get feedback from their users.

Read our review of Facebook Dating for more information about this online dating service or visit Facebook Dating directly.

There is no Runner Up for this award this year.