2010 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Innovative

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2010 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Innovative

The Editor's Top Pick - Innovative Award recipient for 2010 is PerfectMatch.com. We found that they were the dating site which had risen above others by offering more new and updated features for their service which make it even easier for PerfectMatch.com members to meet and communicate with each other.

Some of the new features were as simple as allowing members to express if they liked a certain part of a members profile and/or photos. They could also explain why they liked it by choosing from a list of predefined statements. This feature gives members a good way to break the ice since a message is sent to the other member, telling them of the connection. The initial communication with someone can be one of the toughest things to do on a dating site. Having a feature like this shows that PerfectMatch.com understands what members may need to help start jump start communication. Other new tools in 2010 include "Compare Us" and a News Activity feed. "Compare Us" offers a side by side comparison of your profile and your potential matches making it easy to see what works and if any deal breakers exist. The News feed updates members on their homepage with all of the latest actions of their matches. This includes things like any communication you have received, to your profile getting bookmarked.

Another unique dating tool PerfectMatch started offering was video profiles through Dating on Demand. This allowed members to be featured on TV across the United States through Cox and Comcast Digital cable. For members to participate all they needed to do was attend a free Perfectmatch / Dating On Demand video event (held in major cities). A professional crew at these events will tape your 2 to 5 minute interview of you answering questions about who you are and the type of person you are looking for. If you are unable to attend the event PerfectMatch.com members also have the option to send in their own videos.

PerfectMatch.com is a full featured dating service. In 2010 they continued to innovate and improve their dating site making it the winner of this year's award and a dating site worth checking out.

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This Year's Runner Up for this award is: Match.com