2009 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - United Kingdom

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2009 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - United Kingdom
Match.com UK

The Editor's Top Pick - United Kingdom Award goes to the dating site, Match.com UK. This is the first year for an award specifically given to a United Kingdom dating service. We decided to offer one this year as our UK readership has increased substantially. Why is UK.Match.com the winner of this award? You can read below to find out.

First off, Match.com in the UK had a busy year in 2009. We saw a partnership deal between Meetic and IAC (who owns Match.com) which saw the handing over of the Match.com European operations to one of Europe's biggest dating service, Meetic. By consolidating services between the 2 companies, not only did the 2 companies save money, which could now be spent in other important areas, but overall customer service and satisfaction increased as well. Match.com UK also went in a new direction with marketing. They hired a new advertising agency named Mother, and have spent according to some estimates over £6m on advertising in the United Kingdom over the last year. There new ads are smart and have informed the public on what Match.com offers. This has resulted in an increase in quality traffic to the dating service. A prime indication of how well a dating service is doing, is by how many members they have.

Match.com also continues to research relationships and love, to see what attitudes, personality traits and expectations are compatible or not between people. This research is not only used to improve their matching tools, but to educate Match.com members as well. Visitors to the dating site can view their latest research study called "The LoveGeist Report 2009". The data in the report is the result of a study of over 16,000 people. Included with the report is an interactive map which allows you to view the summary results of the report by regions in Britain.

There are about 3 popular dating services in Britain and we feel the UK version of Match.com comes out on top. For singles who wish to meet the love of their life, there is no better spot to start than Match.com.

Read our review of Match.com UK for more information about this dating service or visit Match.com UK directly.

This Year's Runner Up for this award is: DatingDirect.com.