2008 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Over All

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2008 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Over All

Once again Match.com is the winner of the Editor's Top Pick - Over All, Award. This is the second year in a row for Match.com and, there are good reasons for this.

  • While not as strong a pick as last year due to only marginal growth of members this year in North America, Match.com offers the largest number of high quality profiles by far. Internationally, Match has lept a head due in large to successful partnerships with a number of popular websites in South America and Europe. International members get a modified version of the dating site from North America. They tailor profile questions and searching criteria depending on what is important to singles in these countries and/or cultures.
  • Match.com continues to innovate. Starting from last December, examples of this are; Match My Friends with testimonials, their foray into Facebook with the Little Black Book, the profile service MatchStudios, expanded cell service for Match Mobile, the Insiders Guide, and the Daily 5. Not everything was a success (The Little Black Book comes to mind) but they are one of the few dating sites to consistently offer their members major new features.
  • Website design and interface improvements. Match.com's recent website redesign and their interface tweaks through out the year continue to improve usability. Their web interface offers new members a simple to use layout that doesn't get confusing, while still offering more experienced members the control they require over searching and profiles.

Match.com offers members a premium dating service. This has been their business for 13 years now, and year after year they have consistently been the dating site to join. People who choose Match.com will get the online dating tools required and access to one of the largest membership pools of singles looking to find their potential partner.

Read our review of Match.com for more information about this online dating service or visit Match.com directly.

This Years Runner Up for this award is: eHarmony.