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Current Basic Facts

Match Group Inc (which is owned by InterActiveCorp (IAC))
Business Started:
May 2011
Number of Members Since Conception:
24 Million (2015)
24 (in 2014)


  • General Information
    • According to Google, OkCupid is the second most search online dating service in 2015. [1]
    • Tinder is the recipient of the 2015 Dating Sites Reviews Editor's Top Pick Dating App Award. [2]
    • Tinder has generated more than 9 billion matches to date. [2]
    • On Sunday January 3rd, Tinder experienced the most downloads and the most growth of active users in a single day. [3]
    • Tinder has launched a new feature which is a push notification. The notification alerts users when there are 2x to 3x higher rate of matches in their local area. [3]
    • Tinder has a desirability score for each member which they spent more than 2 months developing. Factors taken into consideration include parts of the profile along with the number of swipes, rejections and mutual matches. [4]
    • You now can upload profile photos directly from your phone instead of just Facebook. Photos and cards are now larger on the screen [5]
    • New Tinder feature which allows you to “like” a message by tapping a green heart that appears next to a message you receive. [5]
    • Tinder has teamed up with GIPHY to allow users to exchange GIFs with their matches. [5]
    • January 3, 2016 was the single busiest day in Tinder's three-year history in terms of downloads and active users. [6]
    • 73% of college students ranked Tinder as their favorite dating app, followed by Bumble at 13% and OkCupid at 10%. [7]
    • 50% of Tinder users are in the college age group. [7]
    • 20% of Tinder users say they're looking for a hookup, 27% said they’re looking for a significant other, and 53% said they are looking to find friends. [7]
    • Tinder acquires Humin which is the startup that created the popular communication app Knock Knock. [8]
  • Members
    • Tinder boasts 9.6 million daily active users and 583,000 paid members in Q4 2015. [6]
    • Only 13% of Tinder users reported relationships lasting beyond the one month mark. This is the lowest result of any dating service in the study. [6]
  • Finances
    • Tinder is valued at $1.2 billion according to Deutsche Bank. [6]


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  • General Information
    • There are 150,000 Tinder users in Ireland. [1]
    • Men swipe “like” on a woman’s profile on average 46% of the time. Women swipe “like” on a man’s profile on average only 14% of the time. [1]
    • Tinder is the winner of the 2014 Editor's Choice Top Pick - Innovative Award. [2]
    • Women will swipe right 74% of the time when shown a man with well groomed facial hair. These men also recieve 37% more matches than men without facial hair. [3]
    • Activity from users on Valentine’s Day surpassed any day since Tinder launched in 2012. [4]
    • On Valentine's Day this year Tinder users who logged in experienced a 60% increase in matches. [4]
    • Tinder projects to have 40 million active monthly users by April 2015. [5]
    • Tinder Plus is launching in the United States in March. [6]
    • Tinder Plus is designed to help reduce spammers by limiting the number of swipes a non paying member can do everyday. [6]
    • Tinder partnered with Telesign to help combat fraudulent accounts on the dating service. According to the CTO spam traffic is down by about 90%. [7]
    • A Tinder account can now be connected with an Instagram account. If done so, other members can view the last 34 pictures the Tinder member posted on Instagram. [8]
    • Hilary Duff confirms she has a profile on Tinder and has been out on one date with another member. [9]
    • Tinder starts to sell Ad space so they can begin to show general advertising on their app. [12]
    • Tinder's new feature allows users to swipe up to show the match that they are super interested. [15]
    • After only 5 months CEO Chris Payne has stepped down. Co-founder Sean Rad was asked by Match Group to take control once again. [16]
    • Of all of the popular dating services Tinder has the most mentions on Twitter. [17]
    • Tinder took the top spot for highest average engagement and most posts shared by fans on social media. [17]
    • Upcoming changes will boost connections made on the Tinder dating app by 30%. These changes should happen by the holidays. [18]
    • The Moments feature (share photos that expire) has been removed from the Tinder app. [19]
    • Tinder profile and inbox has been revamped. Users can now add employment and education information. [19]
  • Members
    • In 2013 Tinder quickly gain half a million users by marketing to the college crowd. [10]
    • By quarter 1 of 2015 Tinder has 24 million members. [10]
    • 70% of Tinder members belong to a traditional online dating site. [11]
    • For every 4 women on Tinder there are 6 men. [11]
    • 30% of Tinder members are married and another 12% are currently already in a relationship. [11]
    • Tinder now offers verified profiles for notable public figures, celebrities and athletes. A profile is verified when you see a blue and white checkmark badge next to it. [14]
    • 80% of users are looking for long-term relationships. [18]
    • The Tinder app currently receives 1.6 billion swipes per day, 26 million matches per day and 9 billion total matches since its debut in 2012. [18]
    • From the user swipes, 1.5 million in-person dates stem from Tinder each week. More than half of those make it to a second date. [18]
  • Finances
    • Tinder with its brand recognition is charging companies to be seen with its brand. [3]
    • Gillette teamed up with Tinder to find out how successful men with facial hair are on the dating app. [3]
    • TInder is part of a IAC subsidiary called The Match Group. The Match Group plans to file for an IPO soon. [13]


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  • General Information
    • Tinder experienced an outage on Sept 3rd for about 20 minutes. [3]
    • Tinder went from 5 million swipes a day in December 2013, to over a billion swipes a day in September, 2014 (and 12 million matches a day). [5]
    • It is reported that Tinder is full of spammers that try to lure daters away onto other pay sites. [6]
    • In November Tinder will introduce a paid service. The free service will remain the same while the paid service will offer enhanced features. [7]
    • Experts estimate Tinder has about 50 million active users. [8]
    • On average singles log into Tinder 11 times a day. Women spend 8.5 minutes each time and men spend 7.2 minutes each visit. This adds up to over 90 minutes a day. [8]
    • Tinder founder Sean Rad has been demoted from CEO to President. [9]
    • Tinder Plus will launch this month which will offer some new paid features. [9]
      • The first feature is an undo button that allows you to revisit profiles in which you have already rejected.
      • The second is a travel feature called Passport that allows you to review matches from another city.
    • A testing phase for Tinder Plus will be launched in the UK, Germany and Brazil. 40% of users will have access to it and prices will range from 99 cents to 20 dollars. [10]
  • Finances
    • IAC/InterActiveCorp bought back 10% of mobile dating service Tinder. [1]
    • IAC has stated that in 2014 Tinder will start generating revenue. [2]
    • Tinder has the potential to generate $75 million a year in revenue. [4]
    • Tinder is now expected to have the ability to generate $180 million in revenue. [5]
    • Barclays predicts Tinder's valuation will reach $1.1 billion by the year 2015. [5]


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