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eHarmony has Free Communication this Independence Day Weekend - 2016

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From June 30th till July 5th eHarmony is having free communication in the United States and Canada. This 6 day event falls on Independence Day (July 4th) and Canada Day (July 1st) and celebrates this holiday long weekend.

eHarmony is accessible via their website and through their dating apps. This dating service is designed for singles looking to find a long-term relationship, a partner for life. A basic membership is free and allows you to take the profile questionnaire (most are multiple choice questions) which takes about 30 minutes to finish. Once complete, eHarmony's matching algorithm with take your answers and match you against other profiles to create your first set of matches.

With eHarmony's free events, you do not need a credit card since no obligation is required. If you are interested in trying out this dating service, you should create a free membership soon so you can take advantage of as much of this 6 day event as you can. Remember eHarmony sends you quality matches everyday using their matching algorithms backed by years of research. You cannot search for members on eHarmony directly, the only profiles you have access too are the 5 or so matches you receive everyday. With the quality of the matches and the ability for everyone to communicate this is more than enough members to interact with. Free communication events at eHarmony do not include skipping the guided communication process, photos, or secure call (a phone feature). For access to these features you will need to purchase an eHarmony subscription

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eHarmony Free Communication this Memorial Day Weekend - 2016

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eHarmony is offering free communication from Wednesday May 25th to Monday May 30th, 2016. This long weekend event is available in the United States and celebrates Memorial Day.

eHarmony is the perfect online dating service for singles looking for long-term relationships. You can join via their website or dating apps which are found on iTunes and Android. Once you have created a free memberships all you need to do is then take the personality questionnaire before you can receive your matches. This takes most people between 30 and 40 minutes to complete. The questionnaire doesn't all have to be completed at once since you can save the questions you have answered and come back later to finish. Most questions are of the multiple choice variety.

After the questionnaire is finished you will receive your first set of matches. You can then go ahead and review your matches and start the communication process (which includes emails) with the ones you like. The great thing with free communication weekends is you know everyone can reply to your messages. These events also do not require a credit card so their is no cost or obligation to start a subscription. Every day or so you can expect a new batch of matches to arrive to your eHarmony account. Free communication events do not include photos, skipping the guided communication process or secure call (a phone feature). For access to these features you will need to purchase an eHarmony subscription.

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With eHarmony Buy 6 Months and Get 6 Free this Weekend - May 2016

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eHarmony.com has a special going on for the next few days. Starting May 12th until May 16th (2016) you can get 6 additional months for free when you purchase a 6 month subscription. This is valid only in the United States.

Instead of free communication weekends this past few months, eHarmony has been offering free subscription extensions when you purchase a subscription (about once a month). No coupon is required and you will see the deal listed when you visit the eHarmony membership upgrade page

To join eHarmony just signup for a free membership which allows you to create your profile and take the personality questionnaire. The whole process takes about 40 minutes to complete with most questions for the questionnaire being multiple choice. Just select the best answer which describes you and once complete eHarmony will take your answers and use their matching algorithm to produce a set of matches everyday for you to checkout. If one or more sparks your interest you can then go ahead and start communicating with them.

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eHarmony Launches Highly Anticipated Site For Job Seekers

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If you’re looking for love, eHarmony is one of the most trusted names in the biz. But what if you’re in the market for new employment? With the launch of Elevated Careers, eHarmony hopes to become a go-to destination for job seekers as well as singles.

After three years in development, Elevated Careers finally launched on April 1. eHarmony hopes its many years of matching experience will be equally as successful matching job hunters with positions as it has been matching singles.

“When you have a job you are compatible with on the levels that are most important to you, then the likelihood of you being happy in it skyrockets,” reads the website. “And who doesn’t want to be fulfilled in their work? We find those jobs for you by using technology that has proven to make successful long-term careers.”

Elevated Careers is based on a three-level compatibility system:

  • Skills: Using data from millions of resumes and career transitions, Elevated predicts how compatible you are with a job based on your skills and background, and how likely you are to be hired for that position.
  • Culture: Culture compatibility between companies and employees greatly increases overall job satisfaction, so Elevated emphasizes how your core values fit with a company’s.
  • Personality: Elevated helps you avoid personal conflict at work by showing how compatible your personality will be with any prospective hiring manager.

To get started, upload your resume and fill out the Profile Builder section. Elevated Careers then creates a Compatibility Scorecard based on the information you provide. The Scorecard shows your compatibility with your current company and is also used to match you with job listings. You can automatically see the job matches tailored uniquely to you. You can also search based on your provided demographics, or input your own keywords and search parameters.

Once you have found a job match, you can apply directly for the job, as well as view compatibility details and predicted job satisfaction with that specific company. You are also able to save a job listing you'd like to come back to later.

All functionality and features of the Elevated Careers site are currently free for job seekers. Anyone can register and create their profile, search for jobs, get matches, apply for jobs and, where available, be in direct contact with hiring managers. In the future, the company plans to add premium features for a fee.

Companies can also sign up for an Elevated account for free, but registering for a paid subscription provides access to a wider range of features, including the ability to see all available candidate details, post searchable job listings, and directly contact candidates.

What’s eHarmony’s end game? Well, just as the original site came about because Neil Clark Warren believed there was a better way of finding love than relying on luck, Elevated believes that if jobs and employees are matched based on compatibility, people will be more satisfied and fulfilled in their jobs, and companies will have higher rates of employee retention, motivation, engagement, and productivity. That’s a world any of us would be happy to live in.

With eHarmony Buy 6 Months and Get 6 Free this Weekend - April 2016

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eHarmony is offering 6 months for free when members in the United States purchase a eHarmony subscription for 6 months. In Canada, eHarmony.ca is offering 3 months for free on the purchase of a 3 month membership. No coupon code is required but these 2 deals are only available from April 28th to May 2nd, 2016.

eHarmony is a popular service for those looking to find a long-term relationship. In fact a recent study found that 57% of eHarmony members end up finding a relationship on the service. To get started on eHarmony you first need to create a free membership. Once you have entered information like your username, age and gender you will then be asked to take the personality questionnaire. This step is important and is used by the eHarmony matchmaking algorithm to find matches for you. Taking the questionnaire will require about 30 minutes of your time. Once complete you will then receive your first batch of matches (around 5). From here you can then review the matches and communicate with the ones you wish starting first with the Guided Communication Process. Every day or so afterwards you will then receive a new batch of eHarmony matches.

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eHarmony Free 3 Day Trial - April 2016

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eHarmony is offering a 3 day full trial of their service. Just sign up for a subscription from April 21st to April 24th, 2016 and use the coupon code FREE to receive 3 days of full access to eHarmony. This code is valid in the United States and Canada on the eHarmony website and dating apps (iOS and Android). Once the 3 day free trial is over you will then be auto enrolled into a 3 month plan (unless you cancel before the 3 days is over).

eHarmony is one of the top dating services where members find long term relationships. A recent study by Consumers' Research found that 57% of eHarmony users found a relationship, with 29% of eHarmony users relationships lasting longer than 1 month. eHarmony has put a lot of time and effort into developing their in-depth matchmaking algorithm so once you signup as a member take your time and answer the relationship questionnaire. It will take about 30 minutes to do so and once completed you will receive your first set of matches in minutes.

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