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Welcome to Dating Sites Reviews Wednesday, July 23 2014 @ 01:06 AM

This site offers detailed reviews on the most popular dating sites on the web. With all the online dating services reviewed in one spot, you can find the sites best suited to your personality and tastes. In our member and team reviews, you’ll discover how each site works and its approximate cost. Most sites do offer free submitting of your dating profile and searching of matching profiles but to communicate with someone you will have to purchase a subscription or buy credits to that particular site. None of the popular dating sites are completely free.

We strive to make it easy for you to find other singles online by including a variety of online personals categories. Whether you’re interested in finding a mature older companion, meeting someone from a similar faith, or just beginning to explore online dating, these categories will allow you see, at a glance, all of your options. Some of the categories include:

To find out more information about each reviewed site, please click one of the sites listed in the Reviews section or go straight to the online dating site by clicking one of the names on the left. Our Online Dating statistics wiki section includes a wealth of referenced facts about online dating in general and the top dating sites.

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How About We

How About We is a popular service which describes itself as the offline dating site. It is simple to use, all you need to do is post your ideal date and wait for members to contact and connect with you. How About We also offer services for couples.

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Tinder Has Been Matched…With A Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

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Most things are going brilliantly for Tinder these days, but one thing most certainly is not. Whitney Wolfe, Tinder’s former vice president of marketing, slapped the company with a sexual discrimination lawsuit at the end of June.

In the suit, Wolfe claims her former boss called her a “whore” at a company event in the presence of Tinder CEO Sean Rad and that she was stripped of her status as a Tinder co-founder. When she complained about her treatment to other executives, including Rad, she says they forced her out of the company.

The story goes back to 2013, when Wolfe and chief marketing officer Justin Mateen dated for several months. After they broke up, Wolfe claims Mateen sent her a series of inappropriate text messages and e-mails filled with racist and sexist language. When she complained to Rad and CEO Sam Yagan, they allegedly ignored her repeated complaints about his behaviour.

Wolfe also contends that Mateen told her she was not listed in Tinder’s press materials as a co-founder because having “a girl founder” who was just 24-years-old (at the time) would devalue the company. Later, after Mateen allegedly called her a “whore” in front of Rad and other co-workers, Wolfe says she offered to resign in exchange for “modest severance” and the vesting of her stock options. Instead, she claims, she was fired.

John Mullan, one of Wolfe’s attorneys, said in a statement that Wolfe “lost her job simply for refusing to take the abuse any longer.” Another one of her attorneys said “IAC and, which own Tinder, allowed this culture to exist and did nothing to prevent the discrimination or harassment. IAC and need to be held responsible for their failure to supervise the executives at Tinder. There really was no ‘adult in the room.’”

In response, IAC indefinitely suspended Mateen. “Through that process, it has become clear that Mr. Mateen sent private messages to Ms. Wolfe containing inappropriate content,” the company said in a statement. “We unequivocally condemn these messages, but believe that Ms. Wolfe’s allegations with respect to Tinder and its management are unfounded.”

The story gets more complex when you try to determine who actually is a legitimate co-founder of Tinder. TechCrunch did an in-depth examination of the people involved in Tinder’s creation and it’s…convoluted, to say the least. It’s hard to see how they themselves can keep up with it all (and maybe they can't), much less anyone else.

Wolfe is seeking compensatory damages, including for lost pay and benefits, as well as punitive damages for emotional distress.

Two Milestones For

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    46, the largest online dating site in China, surpassed the 110 million registered users mark on June 29, 2014.

Jiayuan got its start a decade ago to address the unique needs of China's rapidly growing urban singles population. The website was a pioneer in China's online dating market, and now ranks first in the country in terms of number of unique visitors, average time spent on the site per user, and average page views per user. Over the course of its 10-year history, Jiayuan has facilitated 12.3 million matches in China.

The site has become so big that, according to comScore, it accounted for more than half – 58.4% to be exact – of the total time spent on online dating in China in March 2014. It is the 60th most visited website in the country according to, and the 336th most popular website in the world. hit the 100 million registered user accounts milestone back in January 2014, adding 10 million more users over the course of the last six months. "I am pleased to see Jiayuan's registered user accounts surpass the 110 million mark as we continue to gain momentum from our solid start to the year," commented Mr. Linguang Wu, CEO of Jiayuan, in a press release. "Passing the 110 million milestone speaks to the strength and growing popularity of our platform as we make the investments needed to increase our brand equity and solidify our leadership over our competitors. These investments include ramping up mobile monetization now that we have successfully grown our mobile platform to include 24.8 million registered user accounts and 31.2 million activated installments as of June 29, 2014."

One of Jiayuan’s recent investments is a partnership with animation firm Up Studios, whose brand Piggy in Love (which follows a pig looking for his lost love) will be featured in Jiayuan’s new mobile app. Through their licensing agreement, Jiayuan users will be able to send romantic animations and Piggy in Love emojis in their messages.

Mr. Wu concluded, "Looking to the future, we will continue to build upon this massive database of marriage minded singles by integrating it with our proprietary CRM system in an effort to consolidate the traditional matchmaking business in China which we believe is poised for a period of explosive growth. 2014 is an important year for us strategically as we make investments in our database of eligible singles to generate new revenue streams and ensure the long-term sustainability of our business."

5 Tips for Dating App Success

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Online dating has been around for a while, but dating apps are a relatively new phenomenon and are soaring in popularity. And why wouldn’t they? Most of us have a phone with us at all times, and if you’re single, you’re probably more social than your married counterparts – which means you’re not sitting at home in front of your laptop. But does that mean the matches you get on Tinder are working out for you?

Dating apps are easy to use, the majority of them are free, and they provide instant access to available singles in your immediate area. What’s not to like? The ease and convenience of apps is not lost on some of the more traditional online dating sites, like, who offer their own apps. But sometimes it’s easier to scroll through the app than it is to actually meet someone new and start dating. So how do you move from texting to an actual date?

Following are 5 tips to help you get past the swipe left/right phase and to the in-person meet:

Try a new app. While everyone seems to be downloading Tinder (if only for the fun of scrolling through photos while you’re waiting in line or on a lunch break), it’s not the only dating app around. Some apps like Hinge and Coffee Meets Bagel are geared towards the more serious dater, because they offer matches based on your Facebook network, rather than just random people who happen to be near you. Maybe it’s time to check out something new.

Don’t just scroll when you’re bored. Know what you want. What’s your goal in using a dating app? Are you just looking to hook up, or for something more substantial? This makes a huge difference in your experience. If you are looking for a relationship, you might get easily frustrated by Tinder. If so, decide to put time and effort into your search, and be a little more discerning about who you go out with. Don’t meet for last-minute drinks at 10:00.

Check in regularly. “You snooze, you lose” really applies to online dating. If you’re not checking in on a regular basis with your dating site or app, then likely you won’t get the results you want. Again, time and effort is key. You never know from day to day who your matches might bring, so set aside at least 30 minutes a day to check.

Update your photos and profile. Some dating apps have restrictions on the number of photos you can post, or they might just pull info from your Facebook page. If this is the case, be sure to change them out every few weeks. Depending on what you post, you could attract different types of people. Variety is key in dating.

Say “yes” more. Not sure about him/her? Say yes to a match. Start chatting and see what happens. Many times we bypass people unless something really captures our attention. But why? Dating is all about seeing what is possible. Say yes to more people and see your dating life change for the better.

Dating App Hinge Making Cash by Differentiating itself from Tinder

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We all know about dating app Tinder by now. It’s known less for its accuracy in matchmaking and more for its accessibility in meeting people anytime, anywhere – who are up for a brief fling or flirtatious chat. While Tinder is getting a lot of name recognition, another dating app called Hinge is slowly surfacing, city by city, taking the dating app world by storm and attracting a recent round of $4.5 million in venture capital money.

Why is Hinge getting so much attention (and money)? Because it is differentiating itself from Tinder in the most basic of ways. Hinge is focused on the quality of matches, which means instead of scrolling through endless photos and swiping left or right, the app finds a fixed number of matches for each user that they think suit you. Hinge is all about playing matchmaker. (It also doesn’t help Tinder that its CMO Justin Mateen was suspended recently for sexual harassment.)

Hinge matches people based on particular factors, namely profession, education history, and interests, as well who you’ve been interested in previously. What’s different about the dating app is that it’s not just pairing you with people from your circles with the same job or who went to the same college. Hinge looks for less obvious connections, like that Ivy League college alums like to intermingle, or that guys in finance like to date female lawyers. Plus, matches are all gained through your Facebook circles (friends of friends only), and you must have a Facebook friend who’s already on Hinge in order to join. It makes for a kind of exclusive club feeling.

Hinge started small in the D.C. area, but it’s iOS and Android userbase is up 300% this year in the nine cities it operates in: DC, Philadelphia, NYC, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and L.A.

Hinge however isn’t focused solely on the dating game. They want to move in the direction of the so-called “social discovery” app, where they match people who could be friends based on interests.

The new $4.5 million round from Founders Fund and Lowercase Capital brings Hinge to $8.6 million in total funding. Right now, Hinge is free, but in order to be profitable for its investors the company is probably looking into adding premium services for a fee, or potentially licensing its technology, according to website Tech Crunch.

For now, it’s slow-growth approach and catered matchmaking are making it a big hit, especially among the more serious and discerning female daters. It will be interesting to see where it goes next.

Hack Alert: Cupid Media Found In Breach Of Privacy Laws

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Bad news for Cupid Media and more than 200,000 of its Australian users: the online dating company has been found in breach of privacy laws.

Cupid operates more than 35 niche dating websites, including ChristianCupid, MilitaryCupid, SingleParentLove and other sites based on ethnicity, religion and location. Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim found Cupid Media breached the Privacy Act by failing to take reasonable steps to secure data held on its websites. As a result of Cupid’s lax approach to security, hackers gained access to the company’s webservers in January of last year and stole the personal information of about 245,000 users. The information included full name, date of birth, email addresses and passwords.

At the root of the security breach is Cupid’s failure to have a password encryption process in place. "Password encryption is a basic security strategy that may prevent unauthorised access to user accounts," said Commissioner Pilgrim. "Cupid insecurely stored passwords in plain text, and I found that to be a failure to take reasonable security steps as required under the Privacy Act."

The commissioner added that the Cupid Media fiasco illustrates the importance of correctly handling personal information that is no longer needed, either by securely destroying or de-identifying it. “Holding onto old personal information that is no longer needed does not comply with the Privacy Act and needlessly places individuals at risk," he explained. "Legally, organisations must identify out-of-date or unrequired personal information and have a system in place for securely disposing with it.”

While online dating companies certainly do need to fiercely protect the massive amounts of personal data they gather, it’s also up to the daters themselves to take the most secure approach possible to dating online. Anyone using an online dating site should regularly update their privacy settings and change their password. It’s also important to remain vigilant about limiting the personal information you share. Only the bare minimums required should be posted online, or you risk becoming the victim of identity theft or a scam.

Commissioner Pilgrim noted that, on the plus side, "Cupid's vulnerability-testing processes did allow it to identify the hack and respond quickly." The company has addressed the security concerns and the investigation is now closed, but the commissioner warns against future attacks: “Hacks are a continuing threat these days, and businesses need to account for that threat when considering their obligation to keep personal information secure."

Dating Site RSVP Is Hooking Up…With Oasis Active

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Usually when we talk about online dating and hook-ups, it’s to discuss what everybody’s using Tinder for. Today, it’s about a $90 million merger agreement between Fairfax Media’s RSVP dating website and Ten Network Holdings-backed Oasis Active. The two are teaming up amid growing overseas competition in the online dating market.

Prior to the merger, RSVP was wholly owned by Fairfax, while Ten controlled about 40% of Oasis and shared the registry with other investors including co-founders David Heysen and Daniel Haigh, former Star City, Engin and Solution 6 boss Neil Gamble. Although the companies have been rivals at each other’s throats for some time, they’re now putting aside their differences for a marriage of convenience (but plan to keep their maiden names and their respective management teams).

Following the transaction (which will be conducted in a combination of cash and RSVP shares), Fairfax will have a 58% stake, Ten will hold 17%, and Heysen and Haigh will hold 14% of the company. Their combined business will be managed collectively by the RSVP and Oasis executive teams.

The merger is part of a larger trend for Fairfax over the past two years. Fairfax, the publisher of Business Day, has sold a number of digital assets in that time, including online accommodation business Stayz to United States rental operator HomeAway for $220 million and New Zealand auction website Trade Me in late 2012. Fairfax purchased RSVP, Australia’s largest dating website, in 2005.

Oasis launched in 2008 and is now one of Australia's largest free online dating sites. It has an overseas presence in countries including Colombia, Chile and Mexico, but that’s not enough to take on huge international rivals like eHarmony and Tinder. RSVP and Oasis hope that, by combining forces, they can reach new markets neither company could touch individually.

"Oasis has always admired the RSVP brand in Australia and we look forward to working with a business that has been one of the major players in the Australian market for more than 15 years," Mr Heysen says. “Together we can ensure that we continue to develop our products to cater for a wider range of the Australian singles market as well as collectively develop ways to best leverage rapidly changing technology.”

“Oasis and RSVP are two of the strongest brands in the online dating market in Australia, and together they will be even stronger,” adds Ten Network’s Chief Digital Officer, Rebekah Horne. “The partnership of Ten Network, Fairfax, Oasis and RSVP will create a powerful business with myriad growth opportunities, here and overseas.”

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