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Welcome to Dating Sites Reviews Saturday, November 01 2014 @ 02:28 AM

This site offers detailed reviews on the most popular dating sites on the web. With all the online dating services reviewed in one spot, you can find the sites best suited to your personality and tastes. In our member and team reviews, you’ll discover how each site works and its approximate cost. Most sites do offer free submitting of your dating profile and searching of matching profiles but to communicate with someone you will have to purchase a subscription or buy credits to that particular site. None of the popular dating sites are completely free.

We strive to make it easy for you to find other singles online by including a variety of online personals categories. Whether you’re interested in finding a mature older companion, meeting someone from a similar faith, or just beginning to explore online dating, these categories will allow you see, at a glance, all of your options. Some of the categories include:

To find out more information about each reviewed site, please click one of the sites listed in the Reviews section or go straight to the online dating site by clicking one of the names on the left. Our Online Dating statistics wiki section includes a wealth of referenced facts about online dating in general and the top dating sites.

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As a starting guide we recommend checking out the following reviews:

#1 Site For Love -® Official Site Coupons is one of the largest dating services on the internet. Being so popular among singles enables to present their members with many quality matches .... eHarmony Coupons

Welcome to one of the most in depth Dating Services on the Internet. eHarmony is based upon a complex matching system developed through extensive testing of married individuals ....

Christian Mingle is among the top dating sites for Christian singles searching for someone to share their lives with. The site has been in operation since 1996 ....

How About We

How About We is a popular service which describes itself as the offline dating site. It is simple to use, all you need to do is post your ideal date and wait for members to contact and connect with you. How About We also offer services for couples.

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Recieve 60% Off an eHarmony 6 Month Subscription Until Nov 2nd 2014

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For the second month in a row eHarmony has sent out a coupon code for our visitors. This one is even better since it gives you 60% off a 6 month membership. it is also available not only in the United States but Canada as well. The code is only valid for 4 days which starts today (Oct 30) and ends at the end of the day on November 2nd, 2014.

The coupon code is: EHSALE60

To use this code you need to create a free profile at eHarmony. This involves giving information about yourself like your age and gender. Once completed you will then need to take the personality questionnaire. This is where the matching magic happens so it is important you take your time and answer the questions the best you can. Depending on if you are filling the questionnaire out on the website or through the eHarmony dating app it should take you from 20 minutes to 40 minutes to complete.

After your profile is finished you will then receive your first batch of matches. At this point you can go ahead and take a look at your matches but communication with them will be limited. If you find any matches you like you can then go ahead and purchase a membership. Just make sure at checkout to enter the code above to receive your 60% off. At this price a eHarmony membership will cost about $25 a month.

To find out more about this online dating site please take a look at our detailed review of eHarmony.

5 Online Dating Lessons I Learned From Horror Movies

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I've written before about how much I love Halloween, especially the horror movies that inevitably fill my Netflix queue each fall.

I've heard a fair deal of horror film criticism over the years, from “It just gives crazy people ideas” to “There must be something wrong with anyone who actually likes watching this stuff.” I always take it in stride, but this year, finally, I have a rebuttal: horror films are dating advice in disguise.

Really? Yes, really.

Dating can be a terrifying experience, so what better place to seek dating advice than scary movies? I'm not talking about any kind of deep, soul-searching wisdom here...but horror movies do have some practical dating advice to offer (in addition to the nightmares that'll plague you for a week after watching).

  1. Know your surroundings. Dark alleys, deserted forests, and dirt roads in the middle of nowhere rarely end well in scary movies, and they don't make good date spots either. Choose a public place you're familiar with for a first date, where you feel safe and comfortable and can easily exit if you want to. If you absolutely must travel to somewhere new, make sure your car is in a good shape, has ample gas, and is equipped with a working GPS.
  2. Use the buddy system. So many horror film tragedies could have been prevented if only a wannabe hero hadn't struck out on his/her own. I'm not saying all your dates need to be double dates (though they could be if you want an added layer of security), but it never hurts to alert a friend about your whereabouts. Let them know who you're with, where you're going, and how long you plan to be together – just in case.
  3. Watch for red flags. How often do you find yourself screaming at the screen, trying to worn a doomed character about the disaster that's obviously going to befall them? If there's one major weakness of horror movie characters, it's this: they're terrible at reading the signs. Keep your eyes open and your guard up, because sometimes the red flags are right in front of you.
  4. Dress appropriately. Scream queens are never appropriately dressed for fighting for their lives. Running in heels? Not a chance – definitely zombie bait. Your dates won't involve anything quite so athletic (or undead), but it's still a tip worth taking: dress in something stylish but comfortable. The more at-home you are in your clothes, the better you'll feel – and the better you feel, the more likely you are to wow your date.
  5. Go with your gut. Go ahead and judge a book by its cover. That dude brandishing a machete in his profile photo? Maybe not your best bet. If a profile gives you the creeps, trust your instincts and move on.

Match Launches A Brand New iPad App

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I've got good news for Apple fans. If using the Match app on your iPhone and iPod Touch just isn't enough for you, you can now get your fix on your iPad, too. Match has just announced a brand new, redesigned, fully maximized app for the the larger iDevice with iPad-optimized functionality.

Check out the new app in the App Store or at and get the scoop on its robust features below:

See Endless Photos With Stream

Stream is an iOS-exclusive feature that uses an innovative algorithm to serve up photos of singles. Stream finds the members closest to you and highlights photos in their profile in addition to the primary profile pic. Because the iPad has a larger screen, Stream can display multiple pictures at once. Ostensibly it's there to help you discover more of someone's personality, but let's be real: you're not looking for personality in the pics.

Make Quick Connections with Mixer

We live in an era of NOW, so Mixer aims to match you with potential partners at warp speed. Using geographic location, another exclusive algorithm, and your favorite swiping technology, Mixer makes it easier than ever to browse profiles.

Additional Features

Stream and Mixer are the big additions to the new Match App for iPad, but it's got plenty of other interesting ingredients to look forward to:

  • Facebook sign-in: Signing into your account just got even easier. Now you can sign in using your Facebook credentials.
  • Grid search: The impact of Pinterest is undeniable. Now you can see more singles at a time with Match's enhanced search view, which takes a cue from Pinterest's famous grid.
  • Easier photo uploading: The snap-happy can now add photos from three different locations within the app's interface.
  • In-app notifications: Stay even more connected in this hyper-connected world with in-app notifications.
  • In-app purchasing: For the first time, you'll be able to purchase subscriptions and additional features while you're signed into your iPad app. How did it take Match so long to make it even easier to spend money on their products? Who knows, but you'll be glad you can when you're itching for an upgrade on-the-go.
  • More ways to communicate: Your communication options are practically endless in the new Match iPad app. You can chat with potential dates throughout the entire app, from Stream, to your Daily Matches, and even directly from a member's photo. And there's no waiting – you can communicate from the second you start up the app.

Dating Website Zoosk to go Public Most Likely in 2015

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According to Bloomberg News, the popular dating website Zoosk is scheduled to go public. The company filed earlier this year, but the latest stock market volatility might delay their offering until 2015.

Zoosk has long touted itself as a major contender in the online dating game due to its large international user base, alongside brands such as and OkCupid. The company has more than 27 million members across 80 countries, and the online dating market is reported to be worth $1.4 billion.

The appeal to investors goes beyond the revenues to be had in the online dating market. Zoosk company executives are betting on their extensive user base and tracking technology to help leverage their value. Unlike many online dating websites that rely on lengthy questionnaires and profile descriptions, Zoosk’s technology is purely behavior-based. That is, when users of the site navigate through profiles, send messages, or set filters to view other members, Zoosk is tracking this data and responding by providing matches that have similar behavior or seem most compatible. In other words, they are honing in to what users really want by seeing what they actually do online.

The more a user interacts with other members in the Zoosk community, the more Zoosk learns about that person to give them better matches. To the company’s benefit, it also gives them a wealth of data about their users, which is a valuable asset for investors.

Zoosk is also integrated so users can log in no matter what platform they are viewing on – phone, laptop, iPad or tablet, and is the #1 grossing online dating app in the iTunes store, according to its website. But its marketing expenses might be cutting into its revenue.

Website has been speculating about the opening price the company will decide upon, based on current statistics. Zoosk’s options granted in April 2014 had an exercise price of $7.72, so assumes the pricing discussions are in the range of $8-$16, which might not be an incentive for investors looking for a deal (and also looking at how the company can bring in more revenue). Right now, the dating app is free, but members pay to use features like messaging, chatting, and connecting with viewers who have viewed their profiles.

The opening price of the company’s stock is a matter of concern, but what does it mean to go public during such a risky market?

“Nobody wishes they went public today or over the last week,” Max Wolff, the chief economist at Manhattan Venture Partners, an investment firm focusing on late-stage private technology companies, told Bloomberg. “A regular bout of intense selling, like we’re seeing now, makes people feel like it’s smart to stay private longer.”

So the next move is up to Zoosk, but the company anticipates that investors are willing to bet on it.

Please read our Zoosk review for more information on this service.

Tinder is Looking to Cash in with New Paid App Service

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At the recent Forbes Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia, Tinder cofounder Sean Rad made the surprise announcement that the company is launching a new premium service in early November. The upgrade will allow paying users more options beyond just swiping left and right.

This might make some Tinder fans uneasy. After all, the value of the app is in the sheer number of people using it. Will restricting certain new features to paying customers cause others to drop off and look for other cheaper alternatives for hooking up?

Not according to Rad. He says the premium service will include functions that Tinder users have long been asking for - including the ability to travel and use Tinder in multiple cities. Currently, you can only use the service locally, which means if you live in Los Angeles you can't look for hook-ups in New York.

But will people pay for this type of technology? Several hackers have taken advantage of Tinder's technology already and used it to create the very features users have been requesting and the premium Tinder will be offering - such as fooling the GPS-based technology into thinking you are in another city so you can scroll through profiles in multiple cities. Also, several hackers have come up with technology to "mass-like" profiles in mere seconds without having to manually scroll through, which is a very popular request from current Tinder users to increase their odds of a match.

And what about Tinder's current features - will new users have to start paying for basic services, or will some features be taken away to add to the new premium service? Rad says there will be no changes under the current free app, so users can rest a little easier. Forbes reported that people now swipe through 1.2 billion Tinder profiles a day, and that each day Tinder makes more than 15 million matches. The company needs to hang on to these users because its value is in the numbers. 

But Rad is trying to continue Tinder's growth, and that means it's time to add revenue - especially for investors like Barry Diller.  “We had to get our product and growth right first,” says Rad. “Revenue has always been on the road map.”

Forbes said the Tinder founder hinted at offering other types of services that go beyond dating, including features for travelers, though he didn't cite anything specific. Could we see a Tinder app that includes restaurant, car service, or hotel choices in the near future?

Clearly, Rad has big plans for his popular app. But we'll have to wait and see how the market (and their pocketbooks) respond. For more on this dating app you can read our Tinder review.

6 Of The Most Frightening Dating Sites Ever

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Confession: Despite being the ripe, not-that-old age of 26, I'm still a sucker for Halloween. There's something I just can't help loving about a holiday that encourages dressing up and eating candy. And then there's my very favorite part of the Halloween season: the scares.

From the horror movies to the haunted houses, something in me demands to be scared and loves every second of it. But there are a few times terror is not on my to-do list, and online dating is definitely one of them. Fright on a first date? No thanks.

It seems obvious, but humanity is a strange and wonderful thing turns out not everyone feels the same way I do. There are those who want their romance to come with a side of scares, and there are dating sites that cater to their special need for fear.

Halloween seems like the perfect time to take a peek into the creepier side of online dating and uncover its spookiest sites, so follow me...if you dare.

  1. Date Vampires: Date Vampires claims to be “the premier Vampire dating service that helps blood sucking singles establish their brood.” Is there a lot of competition in that market? I can't imagine so, but if you've got some Edward and Bella fantasies to live out, this is the place to go.
  2. Werewolf Passions: Lest the werewolves feel left out while their fanged nemesis gets all the attention, there is Werewolf Passions for “werewolves and werewolf lovers,” as well as anyone into “werewolf movies, werewolf books or television shows with a werewolf theme.”
  3. Zombie Passions: Yep, the zombies aren't left out either. Zombie Passions is a place to meet “other zombie lovers, zombie haters, zombie groupies and zombie survivalists.” But beware of anyone whose list of interests includes “Braaaaains.”
  4. Clown Dating: The website says “Everybody loves a clown...let a clown love you,” but I, uh, beg to differ. Clowns have never really creeped me out, but for plenty of people they epitomize terror. And if this season of American Horror Story has anything to say about it, I may soon be one of them.
  5. Meet An Inmate: What's scary is that this is a real thing. Aren't people already paranoid their online dates may secretly be serial killers? Meet An Inmate makes that fear way too close to reality.
  6. Craigslist Personals: Anyone who's been on a Craigslist date knows it's by far the scariest of all possible options. From the scammers to the potential ax murderers to the everyday, run-of-the-mill weirdos, this is definitely online dating's scariest site.
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