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Eric Cartwright

I truly believe that flirt for 1 is nothing but a scam! I paid for a 6 month subscription unfortunately. 70$ ill never get back. For a bunch of fake girls trying to get you to sign up to a "prove your identity web site" which is just a phishing site trying to get your credit card info. Or cam girls in which you half to buy coins. So lame. Definitely NOT a dating or hook up site. DONT BE FOOLED. There playing off the emotions of desperate men looking for some attention. Instead they just take your money.

Nick from Melbourne

Flirt is operated by criminals in Ghana, Africa & they use criminals in India too. They start by sending you unsolicited emails asking if you're single then expect you to follow the link to their rip-off site where they expect your credit card details. Once you give them the details they keep charging your card even after your profile has been cancelled. The profiles aren't really & they try to get your Facebook info as well so they can attempt to reach your friends & rip them off.
I was lucky enough to be warned about them before I fell into the trap but I know someone who had to cancel their card & change their bank account number to avoid them repeatedly charging the account.
We all know a massive number of indians & Africans are criminals & are out to rip people off. They try to cover airline tickets & boat rides with people smugglers & visas just to enter respectable countries to rip their citizens off also.
If you get anywhere with any dating website it definitely won't be with flirt.com & that's certain.
Just read the pages of people saying the same thing as me in this forum right here.


It took me an hour to realize it was a fake site. Half said in their profile they were from Deer Creek MN. lol that town has a population of 325. The pictures of the women and where they say they are from are all totally phony.

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