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 2017/01/28 11:55AM  

Anonymous: Drogo

Quote by: Anonymous

The woman who wrote about AFF being a legit website for sex was wrong....only the women OR couples succeed on that website. And Black men well hung. I REPEAT: ONLY women or couples and Black men succeed in finding sex on Adult Friend Finder.com

That's not entirely true. The woman who about AFF is correct. As for ONLY women, couples or black men having success, I couldn't say. I don't know where you did your research but I didn't do any research. So you may be right. But most likely you're wrong.

Back in 2007 after a bad break up I only wanted to get laid. I was done with relationships. So after I had gone through my circle of friends and their friends, I joined AFF. I was a member for a whole year and only had one encounter. I'm a short, Hispanic man and I hooked up with a white woman with very large fake breasts that her husband had just bought her haha. We partied at her friends house until the sun came up and then went back to my place and did it until the sun went back down. I never saw her again. So one hookup from the site in an in entire year is horrible. But you can't speak in absolutes and say "ONLY" women, couples and black men get laid. Btw, I live in a small city so there aren't many people in my area on the site.

I will say this: after many years of being away, I rejoined AFF last year for a few months. Almost every profile seemed to be fake. Something definitely changed over there.

 2017/01/30 10:34PM  

Anonymous: The hard truth

Yes they are. Please don't be fooled into thinking that there are a lot of women looking for sex on these sites. Craigslist is also not the way to go. If you do find a women, the chances of her having an std is really high. In finding an actual women online, the only successes I've had are facebook(free) and pof(2 month subscription as in i caved and payed. I really didn't want to, but im making enough money that it didnt hurt at the time). Yes you can meet women on pof, whether or not they will have sex with you is up to them. And as for paying, it only gives you priority(meaning it makes it so you are one of the first people to pop up if a woman is actively searching for a man). No guarantees, you just have to be something that a women is looking for. If you don't believe me that's fine. but i found a girl who isn't just sex to me and it feels kinda good knowing someone likes me for me you know?

P.S. -Forgot to mention for the pof subscription, it doesn't automatically renew for me but it might for you so watch out for that if you are willing to take a leap of faith like me.

Good luck to all those guys out there looking to get laid Smile chances are real low so you definitely need the luck XD

P.S.S -If you do happen to find out a website that works, keep it to yourself, you don't want competition cause there is a lot of it XD

 2017/02/07 10:17AM  

Anonymous: billy

i have only ever found nigerian scammers on CL masquerading as women .with stolen photos of hottys

 2017/02/09 07:15AM  

Anonymous: Xxx

I find that badoo although not a sex site I have had sex with 3 married women and 5 girls younger and older then me in last 2 years from that site

 2017/02/09 03:40PM  

Anonymous: anonymous

Even for this old site, passing this along. I do Internet security work when there are criminal gangs that are well organized. For AFF-biggest scam site, occasionally good for swinger types, but for hookups you will be scammed if you try. Match.com-next on the list-Some real women, about a 40 percent scam rate, Other adult sex sites-very little real women, about 97 percent of all adult sites are totally fake, try OK Cupid-since I also do the moderator job for them free-15 min a week, no scammers, and real people. Take time to answer at least 150 questions, the more the better. Pick friends as your choice or dating,
Make a decent profile. And, guys keep this in mind, yes if you are a former player, pick-up person like me in the real world you can do what you want, for dating sites, women out number you completely. Don't waste time with them. If anything do the OKCupid, POF, currently a joke. You can meet up with real people within a couple days, if you know what you are doing. I would limit emails back and forth to a few, and say that.
One thing to keep in mind is demographics. Find someone that is close to your age on dating sites. The one or two hookup sites that rarely will find some women. OKCupid-start as friend or only date, but meet for coffee as a condition of whether you want to date. If you have any game, you could turn it into a hookup, but go for the multiple friend method. Realize that women are on that site because they can't find dates in the real world.

Go have fun with OKCupid or go out in the real world, find women that have similar interests as you do. Try any of the meetup meetings, free in any city, find a topic that you enjoy. Some of that takes a little time.

You can go from the OKCupid to hooking up fairly fast, Meet in person and go over what you are seeking. Know that women read your intentions better than you know. Women are more sexual than men.
So if you are a Nice Guy, get help. You need to get over the fear of rejection. There are 3.6 billion women available.Most won't work long term. In the real world, daytime meeting of women is best. Personally, bookstores have been my favorite, but anywhere there are women you can meet them. Just need to be someone that is not afraid to approach women, no games, state your name, she caught your attention and you would like to get to know her better. I have never asked a women for a phone number in my life. They just give them to me. Avoid chat, messaging as much as possible. Much of that is games. If a woman can tie up your time, you aren't able to see other women. Don't fall for the just want to get to know you thing. Make it clear that is called friendship, you are looking for a relationship. Don't get stuck in the friends zone. Few get out. Learn about descriptive language, the various tests women will do. They do this partly as they stand a chance of getting pregnant. Set boundaries and stick to them. At first, don't go on dinner dates, or to the movies. Keep it simple. Until you have slept with a woman, you don't need to give your life story, don't think you need to impress them. They far more go for a man that can simply be honest, vulnerable.
Know what polarity theory is. That is women that are available are going to be uninterested, neutral, or interested. Most will be neutral. If there is mutual attraction, your goal is to escalate fairly fast. If you are dating and you go more than two dates, realize you are not acting like a man. Women won't tell you but they expect you to act. Not them. So if they are neutral realize it is up to you to escalate matters. This will either move them to uninterested, or interested. Too much to put here, but the goal is to have interested women. Lots of normal ways to do that. If it was pickup artists stuff that is completely different..
What you want is to find women that have high self-esteem. They will see sex as positive and want to learn more. If you are just seeking to get laid, most likely you will find ones with low self esteem and you need to then know how to archetype them and play the psychology of sex. If you want more, seek high self esteem women. Do all you can to make yourself the best not for women but for yourself.
There are plenty of games you can play but you need to know what you are doing. Charm is one of my favorites, Think James Bond. You basically, have no intentions, no anxiety, you charm others if it is in a group setting. If you enter a room, stop a few seconds at the entrance and look around. then enter. Blink slower, really don't show any interest, this is for just meeting anywhere not dating. If you do this right the woman is going to think you are either gay or can't figure you out. You know the goal. The end result if you know what you are doing is you will get more women.

For those that just want to do pure hookups, know that short of spending years or decades to be a pickup artist, your intentions are going to scare off most women. There will be some that seek out men of status, but that is few. Most want security. Don't get into buying her things or you are the nice guy. I don't even buy women drinks. If some date isn't going right. I take her home half way during the date, explain it just doesn't feel right. Get a hold of the book No More Mr. Nice Guy. It might help. Realize you will get women angry.So what. Rejection simply means you are not compatible. And the overall scope here of hookup sites. Total rip offs, be careful with your credit cards. Why do you think most adult sites offer porn? The answer is because you won't meet most women in real life. So, online OKcupid- had lots of good women. Even match.com had some good sex dates, but never at the first meeting, which is coffee to see if dating is wanted.
You should know how to see if she is attracted, eyes dialed she leans into you. Don't ask too many questions, talk some about yourself. It is somewhat a numbers game, but really depends on what you are seeking. If you want quality, seek high self-esteem, and get your personal self in shape. You don't have to be rich. But hookup adult sites are fake other than one or two, and chances of true hookups without scam stuff is very few are there to hookup, and most aren't even real. Just use Google image search and you will find the image on lots of sites. Look at the email headers if you get to that. They won't be any where near.

Can't add more. Real world is best I can advise. Wish I could pass along what comes naturally to me, but I found out that is not easy. Approach women, be honest and don't try to put on some show to impress them.
Unless you are a true pick up artist, and know women, they are more aware of what is going on than you are most of the times. I could suggest becoming an expert NLP person, that will take years, but you can flip some switches with that if you want.. Good hunting, and stay disease free if possible Mr. X, Cool

 2017/02/14 08:37AM  

Anonymous: Mick

Beware of the wantingsex site...they want you to pay to be able to send messages by buying credits. You have no chance of meeting anyone from here as they are paid to send messages..i am glad i wasn't fooled by it. That type of site should be banned as they should by law have to state thats it's not a real sex dating site..so its a big scam...BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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