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 2016/11/25 05:10PM (Read 16013 times)  

Anonymous: unknown

About shagcity.co.uk it has proven that they are misleading and trapping people also covering their details and using third parties to respond extracting their money, is a waste of time and money don't be fooled

 2016/11/27 01:16PM  

Anonymous: shaggy

not surprising with a name like that ,bound to draw in suckers Big Grin

another scam site to join the millions of others

 2016/11/27 01:22PM  

Anonymous: agony

scamanalyze site shows their trust rating at RISK

 2016/12/01 01:44PM  

Anonymous: Unhappy Bunny

These sites take advantage of peoples vulnerability. They should not be allowed to operate. They are taking peoples money under false pretenses. When you confront the person they wipe the floor with you and make out that you are a bad person for even suggesting such a thing,

 2016/12/02 08:16AM  

Anonymous: billy

trouble is they always can claim they knew nothing about the false profiles even though they are the culprits and they offer fat pensions to their employees so as to keep their mouths shut about their criminal operations ..it would take undercover FBI operations to catch them out

 2016/12/03 12:08PM  

Anonymous: Stuart Smale

i have found nothing but enticements to buy more credits. i believe they targeted me with types i had already looked at but took no further. i had 18 year old virgins wanting to taught ,the usual ,my husband is not into sex help. to i'm around the corner close to you right through to 60 year old still needing sex sometimes rough sex. what finally did because its £1.50 a message i gave my number out .then one came though with a message asking to be with me and wanting my number which i gave ,this was a rouse to get money for messages.

 2016/12/08 04:17PM  

Anonymous: anonymous

Definitely s scam site don't waste your time and money.

 2016/12/18 02:01AM  

Anonymous: Keithy

Total scam, so called girl screen name SexMeUp.
Claims to be a fashion model, yet when you asked for a photo she says I don" t have any. Chatted for about two months we will meet soon never any indicationas to when soon will be.

 2016/12/21 08:32PM  

Anonymous: nobby

If you try join as a woman and it blocks you, (many means used. Mainly not reconise your email address).

Then you know it is a fake site........

 2016/12/22 06:28PM  

Anonymous: Anonymous

The site is a total fraud, they never respond to ay complaints or emails.

They hide behind the profiles saying that they have no control over what their members post or who or where they come from.

All of the photos are of European girls, based on the type of furnishings, the continental power outlets, the foreign text magazines and posters, left hand drive cars where the photos have been reversed to pretend they are in the UK.

All of the messages are fake just to entice guys to purchase more credits and waste more money in the hope of a date.

The same photos and messages used over and over again for different profiles.

The same profile writing time and time again with the same message, each time as if it was the first time of writing, proving they are computer generated by the site administrators.

Never able to send or receive any contact information or details from others.

The girls always live around the corner and want to send you their information and contact details but they don't even know where you live or in what part of the country.

The translation of the text is always written in the third party in very poor English with appalling grammar.

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