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 2016/11/07 10:57AM (Read 1699 times)  

Anonymous: keith

i was redirected to this site from POF and it looks dodgy ,small number of females on there , and the messages look BOT generated and you never get a straight answer to questions .''like ''where do you live and whats your postcode?'' no sensible pesponse !
after a few free messages to answer the females they now offer bundles of replys for an amount of money .. which i wont be buying as it looks like a scam of a type we know so well ....free to join and thats about it .. i smell a large rat as all the females all look good and not a cross section of lookers and average women...
and theyre all ages and not matures ///
POF seem to be spawning a variety of new sites for matures and older guys to meet younger females ..

 2016/11/07 12:12PM  

Anonymous: keith

the messages from females are a windup to get you to buy a bundle of replies at 20pounds a pop , as they get you hooked but then you cant reply

 2016/11/08 05:25AM  

Anonymous: keith

i am getting lots of replies from allegedly horny women but i didnt post my photo yet so it has to be suspicious to get me to buy some credits to reply to them horny women

 2016/11/09 09:05AM  

Anonymous: keith

a red flag is so many of the women specify they like anal sex .which is not the norm IMO ,then they apply to me saying i have a great profile but havent posted a photo ...very suspicious ..

 2016/11/09 09:11AM  

Anonymous: keith

Owner of the website

Festivus Media BV
Bezuidenhoutseweg 161
2594 AG
The Netherlands

E-Mail : info@festivusmedia.com
Stichting Administratiekantoor Media Meesters
Commercial register number: 60194235

 2016/11/09 02:44PM  

Anonymous: keith

and another red flag is the number of female profiles is static .no new additions which is unlikely .. stooges cant deal with too many profiles

 2016/11/09 08:09PM  

Anonymous: Jacob

I haven't heard of the site. For less popular sites like this you can expect zero results.

 2016/11/10 11:04AM  

Anonymous: k

MeetLocalMatures doesn't allow you to see where they live so a woman can live 100s of miles away and you cant be sure exactly where, so you may have to catch a plane to Scotland!

 2016/11/10 03:03PM  

Anonymous: Older_and_Wiser

I agree with the previous comments about this site. Most of the women have an Eastern European look about them and their use of the English language suggests the same. You'll never get a straight answer to any questions. It's a scam - don't join and don't waste your money - you're not going to get anywhere.

 2016/11/11 03:50AM  

Anonymous: lenny

the ages of the women shown dont tally with the photos ,some are older or younger . .than the photo , the site was put up in a hurry i suspect ...

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