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 2015/04/09 08:05PM (Read 18232 times)  

Anonymous: Mark

On Tinder I will be texting with someone that seems to be moving forward and then maybe a day or two later I text something and the app says:

[Error] message failed to send.

It also shows a triangle which is colored red inside with a question mark. Then I try to resend and sometimes it goes thru and sometimes it does not?

Does this mean they are unmatched me? Not sure because seems like it goes thru sooner or later? Or are they just turning it off for awhile and then back on when they want to use it??

Thanks for any help, I would also like to know what to look for on some of the basic features I need to be aware of this so I can just stop contacting them or want them to stop contacting me.

Thanks Mark

 2015/04/10 06:22AM  
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If it is just happening once in a while then most likely either the person has blocked or unmatched you.

A few other cases I have seen with this error is people haven’t updated their Tinder app to the latest version. Once they updated the app, messaging has worked fine.

You could also quit Tinder and retry it or better yet just reboot your phone. (you usually only need to do this if you have problems sending messages to anyone)

If you are sure the person hasn’t blocked or unmatched you then the last resort would be to delete the Tinder app from your phone and then reinstall it. If you do this though you will lose all your settings and most likely your matches.

I hope this helps.

 2016/03/31 08:17PM  

Anonymous: martin

Having problems sending messages again. Is Tinder down?

Anyone else having this issue?

 2016/03/31 08:18PM  

Anonymous: Walker

Yeah same here in New York. Can't send any messages on Tinder.

Crap I was hoping for a hot date tonight Big Grin

 2016/03/31 08:21PM  

Anonymous: Alice

Some please fix Tinder. It's Broken!

 2016/03/31 08:41PM  

Anonymous: Want my Tinder

No message sending in California!!!

Error, Error

 2016/03/31 09:33PM  

Anonymous: Ricardo

Seems to be back up now. I have sent 3 messages in the last few minutes without any problems. -> Seattle Washington

 2016/08/01 07:11AM  

Anonymous: Alison

Did anyone have server issues with the Tinder app last night after 8pm? I could not log in. This morning it is working fine though. Thank God!

 2016/08/01 07:22AM  
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Tinder was having issues for about an hour last night around 8pm. Depending on your location you may not have been able to log into the app. Others reported not being able to send messages or upload pictures.

The Tinder outage was not officially reported so there is no news on what caused it.

All times are Eastern Daylight Time. The time is now 03:19 AM.

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