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 2017/03/11 05:12AM  

Anonymous: disappointed

Very disappointing.
I signed up for a 6 month membership.
Most of my matches do not have a pic. I ask for a photo request. Nothing. I check back on his profile weeks later. Still nothing. I emailed customer service about the lack of pictures. They did their customer service thing and said all the right things, but it does not improve the situation for me
I have sent out smiles. I do not seem to get anything in return. Oh wait, I did get one smile in return. So I sent him a message. Now he is not responding. Not sure what the point of that was.
I will say that I met one person, and we dated for a couple of months. That was promising, but it did not last. This was not a reflection on Elite.
I will be cancelling my membership shortly. Hopefully I do not have any problems.

 2017/03/12 07:21PM  

Anonymous: elitesinglesnobueno1

Yeah, this site is junk, not too many people post pictures of themselves and you only get so many matches a day without a way to search people around you. If there are only 40 members within your dating range then you will only see those 10 one day, 10 the next, until you get to all 40. Once all the members have been shown to you, you run out of new people to look at until a new member signs up. Not too many people use this and 1/2 don't put up a picture. THIS SITE IS NOT ELITE! DON'T BELIEVE THE REVIEWS THAT SAY THIS IS THE BEST DATING SITE, Match.com isn't great but is a hundred times better than elitesingles.com. Basically, you are paying the company to give you a personality profile, which you could get for free by doing a Meyer's-Brigg Test for free online. Don't spend the money, go to Match.com instead if you want to spend money.

 2017/03/18 04:16AM  

Anonymous: Jivedriver

Do not join this site. I have tried it for 6 months, the matches are poor, I have very little in common with anyone I have messaged. They don't into account any info, for example, I wanted local matches but was matched with people from across the sea or the other end of the country. They advertise as elite for professionals, I am a university educated professional and I have been matched with semi skilled workers or folk out of work.
I tried to discontinue my membership but they automatically renew it.
This is nothing more than a false fraudulent website designed to extract money for people
Avoid avoid

 2017/03/18 06:53PM  

Anonymous: Sue

Do Not Pay For This Site! Warning - this is the absolutely worst dating site I have every experienced. I've used others - Match, Our Time - others. I have not found any of them to be good - but at least the competitors do what they say they will do. Not so with Elite Singles. The process and underlying methodology make really good sense. But in the end - - they do not match you to local people. Not sure about you - but I'm not interested in dating someone 5 hours away. I have contacted customer service many times (not available by phone - only email - and not in the US) and they tell me my profile settings are not set broadly - - and therefore I'm not receiving local matches. Not true. My profile is set to accept anyone and anything (which totally defeats the point of a profit setting). In the end - I live in a major metro area - - yet receive 2 to 3 local matches per week. Either they have no men on their site - or the entire methodology is flawed.

 2017/03/18 07:41PM  

Anonymous: John

Worst dating site I have ever used. Supply of people must be hugely limited because they send me one or two a day. And even then - the people they send to me are from all over the country. Never anyone local. Wish I had done my homework. Major waste of money. And customer service people are horrible.

 2017/03/18 07:43PM  

Anonymous: Elite Singles is horrible

don't waste your money on this site. there are no members - and matches are not local.

 2017/03/20 05:01PM  

Anonymous: Jen

Stay away - it's a complete scam. Like other users - I live in large metro area but never receive local matches. They told me to relax my search parameters - and they couldn't be more relaxed. Bottom line - I'm not interested in dating someone more than 50 miles away. Complete waste of money.

 2017/03/21 08:09PM  

Anonymous: JCarter

After paying for 6 months of premium membership in one lump sum, I was "expertly matched" to numerous people who had no resemblance to the profile I submitted to be matched with, most had no photo and did not match race nor religion preferences. I asked for a refund and quit. I was told "no refunds after 3 days". That's not right!!

I only wish I had seen the reviews on this site before I plunked down $83.70 for a premium 6-month membership in this WORTHLESS DATING SITE!!

 2017/03/22 11:16AM  

Anonymous: Scammed

Try finding someone close to you with the first three numbers of a zip code.

And I was just charged $149 after canceling a renewal. You cannot talk to any one. And for this reason alone, you shoud run away for these Theives.!

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